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I purchased a female bengals from Willowbay Bengals. After taking my kitten home and to the vet did I realize it was a male. I was told by Willowbay I had gotten a female but the vet assured me it was a male. I then had to drive back to the cities to swap cats.

My new female kitten was very sick and after 5 months had to be euthinized. My kitten had a disease that she was born with Willowbay refused to give me my money back abd said that it was my fault the kitten had the disease.

I took Willowbay to court and sued her for the cost of my kitten and all my vet bills. I did win.

Willowbay Bengals then told people that she gave me a male kitten on purpose becuase she had someone willing to pay more for the female I had gotten and I was young and *** and would never know the difference. I have talked to other bengal breeders in MN and they all say to stay away from Willowbay she is not a trust worthy breeder and does not stand behind her cats.

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Katy Norby, nice to see you are using your real name.You forgot to mention that even though my contracts says to take the kitten to your vet within 3 days-you waited 5 weeks and then found out you had the wrong kitten.

Problem could have been solved in a matter of hours not months. I gave you a kitten that was nicer and that I had planned on keeping for my program. You conveniently left your contract at home when we were in court, that stated you agreed to take this new kitten. How sad your safe deposit box was locked and the key lost, what bad luck.:( You and your aunt and her posse are trying to eliminate me as thier competition.

I don't consider them competition as my cats are far superior--or is THAT the problem?? This is one more website I am taking to court.

I will keep searching for more.:cry :) :cry :( :x :cry :( :? :(

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